Blogs from January, 2015

Terrence Howard is well known as the star of “Empire” and for his work with Lee Daniels in “Lee Daniels’ The Butler” in 2013. But recently he has gained more attention for the allegations of domestic abuse brought against him by his second wife Michelle Ghent, despite the fact that no criminal charges were ever filed against him.

Incidents involving his first wife and other women have received more attention since Ghent took out a restraining order against Howard. While Howard pleaded guilty to disturbing the peace and disorderly conduct in different cases, he denies ever hitting his former wife.

Domestic abuse is a serious issue that must be treated carefully. With the attitude towards domestic violence changing in this country, a greater and greater stigma is becoming attached to this crime, and rightly so. What this attitude does not take into account, however, are the consequences for someone that is falsely accused of domestic abuse and how difficult it can be to recover from false allegations.

Howard is lucky to have a partner like Daniels who is willing to support him through this close scrutiny of his private life. Others are not so fortunate. With an arrest record, even though there are no convictions, it can be hard for people to obtain employment in certain fields.

When there are children involved, the issue becomes even more serious. Custody is almost certain to be denied if accusations of domestic abuse are made, whether they are proven or not. Even visitations can become problematic in such a situation. Unproven accusations of domestic violence can keep parents away from their children just as much as criminal charges can.

There are also financial repercussions to domestic violence accusations, in addition to the loss of employment opportunities. Spouses who have claimed to be victims of domestic abuse are often awarded greater spousal support by the judge in divorce proceedings. An unequal division of property is also found the result in these cases.

A person with a restraining order taken out against them automatically suffers from a loss of freedom. They are no longer at liberty to go where they wish at will. People with restraining orders taken out against them are also automatically banned from having firearms. Any time accusations of domestic violence are made, a restraining order is almost certain to be granted to the party making the accusation.

This restraining order is going to be on the accused’s record, even if no criminal charges are ever filed. Similarly, any arrest made in conjunction with these accusations is also on a permanent record. Any time this person needs to get a background check, such as when applying for a new job, this is going to appear on their record.

Accusations of domestic violence are very serious and do not go away. Even when no charges are filed, this incident is going to follow them around, causing severe consequences in their family life, employment situation, and personal finances. Domestic violence is not to be taken lightly, both for the sake of the victims and for those falsely accused.

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