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Gavel and Domestic violence book

Finding the right domestic violence lawyer in LA can mean the difference between jail time and having your case dismissed completely.

Being charged with a domestic abuse misdemeanor can have catastrophic consequences on the accused and their loved ones, especially if you’ve been falsely accused. Unfortunately, this happens more than you’d think.

If you’ve been accused or charged with domestic abuse, you need to ensure you have the best legal representation available to help get the best results, with or without a trial.

With loads of questions swirling around your head during this stressful time, it’s imperative to know what to ask potential attorneys.

You want to be certain you’ve chosen the right lawyer that best suits your individual needs and situation.

Don’t miss these 6 vital questions to ask your domestic violence lawyer in LA:

How Communicative Are They?

It’s critical to have excellent communication with your domestic violence attorney in LA and be able to speak freely while knowing it stays confidential.

What’s equally as important is knowing when you can reach your lawyer, and ensure they’re easy to contact.

The last thing you need is a flaky attorney who’s never around when you need them.

During your initial consultation, ask them how you’ll be able to reach them, and if there are only certain hours you can reach them.

Can you only reach them at their office, or will you be given a cell phone number?

You’ll also want to know who’s covering your case. Will they be hands-on with your case, and will they be accompanying you to court each time? Or will it be someone else entirely?

What Credentials Does Your Domestic Violence Lawyer in LA have?

It goes without saying that it’s necessary to have a qualified professional representing you. But there’s more to it than just having a lawyer who’s licensed to practice law.

In your first consultation, be prepared to ask about their credentials, prior training, and how qualified they are to handle your unique case.

Here are a few critical questions to ask regarding their credentials:

  • Have they handled cases similar to yours?
  • Have they ever been accused of attorney misconduct?
  • What’s their standing with The Better Business Bureau?
  • What’s their background?
  • Do they have any specific training for domestic violence? Or just general law school?
  • Do they have any special credentials or awards?

What Are The Costs and Fees?

Attorney costs can vary depending on many factors.

But even if money is no object, it’s still imperative to narrow down how the fees work.

When you’re dealing with a more experienced or a prestigious domestic violence lawyer in LA, the fees are going to be higher than someone just out of law school with less training.

Some lawyers don’t charge for your first consultation, but some charge between $50-100.

During this initial consultation, you’ll want to ask about their fees, retainers, and how they work. And how they are billed.

Most lawyers charge by the hour, but some charge a flat fee. But, domestic violence cases in California are generally always charged by the hour because of how unique every case tends to be.

Asking how the fees work if there are retainers, and if the retainer is refundable (if you don’t use up all the hours), are all essential questions to ask a potential attorney.

What Are The Possible Outcomes Of Your Case?

Of course, your lawyer doesn’t have a crystal ball to see how the court proceedings will go, but they generally can sit you down and tell you if you have a fighting chance and give you a general assessment.

They can also go over potential defense strategies with you, and how they plan to attack your case if you hire them.

This is a question you don’t want to skip because different lawyers have different skill levels. While one may not be able to get your case dismissed, the next guy could.

So it’s crucial to find out your possible outcome when you first meet with a domestic violence lawyer in LA, so you have some insight into what to expect.

What Defense Strategies Does Your Lawyer Plan to Use?

When hiring a domestic violence lawyer in LA you not only want to know the possible outcomes or best and worst-case scenarios, but you should be asking what strategies they plan on using.

Every case is different, so it’s vital for an attorney you’re considering hiring to go over your case specifically and let you know what defense strategies they plan on using.

If they can’t answer this question, then you know you haven’t found the right lawyer.

There are numerous strategies that your attorney may come up with.

But some of the most common defense strategies are:

  • Self-defense
  • False accusations
  • Lack of proof
  • Wrong suspect

Have They Handled Similar Cases?

When you’re looking to hire a lawyer after you’ve been charged with domestic violence, you want to know the person representing you has gone through this before.

Although every case will be different and unique in its own way, it’s critical to know if the lawyer you’re planning on hiring can handle a case like yours.

Sometimes lawyers who appear to have an amazing track record can still not be trained to handle cases like yours.

So always ask if they’ve handled cases similar to yours, and how those cases went. While they can’t divulge confidential information about past cases, they certainly can give you a general idea.


When you’re faced with a long uphill battle such as a domestic violence trial, it’s imperative to know you have the right lawyer on your side.

And in order to do that, you must ask certain questions during your initial consultation.

Finding out about your lawyer’s track record and credentials, and whether they are capable of handling cases such as yours can make or break your case.

The same thing goes for asking about fees and retainers, defense strategies, the possible outcome of your individual case, and how communicative they are.

You get what you pay for. And if you don’t invest in your own defense, you can’t expect the best outcome.

If you find yourself in need of a domestic violence attorney in LA, you can contact us here.